Environmental Physics

Environmental flows and climate dynamics. Experimental investigation of stratified and rotating flows, chaotic advection dynamics, statistical analysis of climatological data banks, 

noise and physical processes underlying long-time climate change.

website: http://www.karman.elte.hu

Recent European collaborations:

  • European Commissions DG RTD NEST Programme No. 043363 (2007-2009),
  • European Commissions COST Action MP0806 (2009-2011)
  • European Commissions RECONCILE-226365-FP7-ENV-2008-1 (2009-2012)




  • Horváth, Zalán (prof., MHAS)
  • Jánosi, Imre M. (associate prof., DSc)
  • Rácz, Zoltán (prof., MHAS)
  • Tél, Tamás (prof., DSc.)


Environmental optics. Environmental optics, atmospherical optics, polarization patterns, imaging polarimetry, polarized light pollution, polarization insect traps.

website: http://arago.elte.hu




  • Horváth, Gábor (associate prof., DSc)

Global energy problems; environmental radiations: Investigation of environmental problems of energy systems, external costs of renewable energies with special emphasize on energy application of water, wind and biomass. ― With the help of a larger group of students research is conducted in order to get experimental data for the exposimetry in the GHz range (e.g. mobile phones).

Natural radioactivity: radon mapping, geological source of radon, radon as a tracer gas, radon in built environment. Renewable energy: feasibility and new methods for energy production.



  • Horváth, Ákos (associate prof., PhD)
  • Kiss, Ádám (prof., DSc.)