Nuclear and Particle Physics

Low Dimensional Field Theories. Fields of activity: Conformal Field Theories (CFT) with applications to String theory; Integrable Quantum Field Theoretical models (IQFT);  Boundary QFT; Finite size effects.

website: http://elmfiz.elte.hu/ldqft




  • Bajnok, Zoltán (senior researcher, PhD)
  • Bántay, Péter (associate prof., DSc)
  • Palla, László (prof., DSc.)
  • Takács, Gábor (senior researcher, DSc)


Lattice Field Theory and  Functional Methods. Cooperating PC-processor cluster is used for the exact determination of the spectra and phase structure of strong matter. Dyson-Schwinger approach is developed to models of strong matter.


website: http://bodri.elte.hu





  • Csikor, Ferenc (prof., DSc)
  • Katz, Sándor (assistant prof., DSc)
  • Nógrádi, Dániel (post-doctoral researcher, PhD)
  • Patkós, András (prof., MHAS)
  • Szép, Zsolt (post-doctoral researcher, PhD)


Experimental Nuclear and High-Energy Physics. Members participate in world’s top nuclear and high energy physics experiments at CERN, at BNL RHIC and at NSL. Latest results: discovery of  the deconfined phase of strong matter, observation of  p-p collisions at the highest ever energy 2,36 TeV.


website: http://eotvoshep.elte.hu




  • Csanád, Máté (post-doctoral researcher, PhD)
  • Horváth, Ákos (associate prof., PhD)
  • Kiss, Ádám (prof., DSc)
  • Varga, Dezső (assistant prof., PhD)
  • Veres, Gábor I. (assistant prof., PhD)