Statistical Physics and Complex Systems

Fields of Activity:

  • The application of the methods of statistical physics to problems in quantitative finance, and the theoretical aspects of risk management and of financial regulation.
  • High precision active internet measurements, geolocalization, network tomography, network measurement virtual observatory.
  • Analysis of molecular biological networks, GeneChip technologies, machine learning.
  • Study of complex networks in nature and society in the statistical physics approach, community finding and clustering.

Website: http://complex.elte.hu/research




  • Csabai, István (prof., DSc)
  • Farkas, Illés (senior research associate, PhD)
  • Fekete, Attila (teaching assistant, PhD)
  • Hága, Péter (assistant professor, PhD)
  • Kondor, Imre (prof., DSc)
  • Palla, Gergely (senior research associate, PhD)
  • Pollner, Péter (senior research associate, PhD)
  • Stéger, József (teaching assistant, PhD)
  • Vattay, Gábor (prof., DSc)
  • Vicsek, Tamás (prof., MHAS)