Physics of Quantum Systems

Cold quantum gases.  We are interested in the BCS-BEC transition of trapped fermions and study the properties of spinor Bose-Einstein condensates.




  • Csordás, András (senior researcher, PhD)
  • Szépfalusy, Péter (prof., emeritus)

Quantum mechanics. Central objects of the research are: theories of open quantum systems and non-standard extensions of quantum mechanics, both related to current experimental work done elsewhere; quantum information theory.




  • Diósi, Lajos (prof., DSc)
  • Geszti, Tamás (prof., DSc)

Nanophysics. Our theoretical group addresses fundamental physical problems related to nanometer scale physical objects including for example spintronic systems, fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and graphene.

website: http://wigner.elte.hu/science/




  • Cserti, József (associate prof., PhD)
  • Csordás, András (senior researcher, PhD)
  • Dávid, Gyula (senior researcher)
  • Kaufmann, Zoltán (associate prof., PhD)
  • Koltai, János (assistant prof., PhD)
  • Kürti, Jenő (prof., DSc)