Bálint Szabó

assistant professor

PhD (Eötvös, 2003)

Biológiai Fizika Tanszék


Office: 3.146


Direct phone: +36-1-372-2752

Phone: +36-1-372-2500 / 6301


E-mail: send message

Website: http://balintszabo.web.elte.hu


Publications at MTMT

Selected publications of the last five years:

[1] N. Tőkési, A. Lehotzky, I. Horváth, B. Szabó, J. Oláh, P. Lau, J.
Ovádi: TPPP/p25 promotes tubulin acetylation by inhibiting histone
deacetylase 6, accepted in J. Biol Chem (2010)

[2] B. Gönci, V. Németh, E. Balogh, B. Szabó, A. Dénes, Z. Környei, T. Vicsek: Viral epidemics in a cell culture: novel high resolution data and their interpretation by percolation theory based model, PLoS ONE 5(12): e15571 (2010)

[3] B. Szabó, R. Ünnep, K. Markó, Z. Környei, E. Méhes, A. Czirók: Inhibition of myosin II triggers morphological transition and increased nuclear motility in cell culture, Cytoskeleton 68(6), 325-39 (2011)

[4] Z. Környei, S. Beke, T. Mihálffy, M. Jelitai, K. J. Kovács, Z. Szabó, B. Szabó: Cell sorting in a Petri dish controlled by computer vision, Scientific Reports 3, Article number: 1088 doi:10.1038/srep01088 (2013)

[5] N. Orgován, R. Salánki, N. Sándor, Z. Bajtay, A. Erdei, B. Szabó, R. Horváth: In-situ and label-free optical monitoring of the adhesion and spreading of primary monocytes isolated from human blood: Dependence on serum concentration levels, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 54, 339-44 (2014)

[6] N. Orgován, B. Péter, S. Bősze, J. J. Ramsden, B. Szabó, R. Horváth: Dependence of cancer cell adhesion kinetics on integrin ligand surface density measured by a high-throughput label-free resonant waveguide grating biosensor, to appear in Scientific Reports 4, Article number: 4034 doi:10.1038/srep04034 (2014)