Máté Vigh

junior research associate

Komplex Rendszerek Fizikája Tanszék


Office: 5.62/A


Direct phone: +36-1-372-2500

Phone: +36-1-372-2500 / 6595


E-mail: send message

Website: http://vighmate.web.elte.hu


Selected publications of the last five years:

[1] P. Gnädig, G. Honyek, M. Vigh:
200 More Puzzling Physics Problems
Cambridge University Press, (2016)

[2] Protected edge states in silicene antidots and dots in magnetic field
P. Rakyta, M. Vigh, A. Csordás, J. Cserti
Phys. Rev. B 91,125412 (2015)

[3] Gnädig Péter, Honyek Gyula, Vigh Máté:
333 Furfangos Feladat Fizikából
TypoTeX kiadó, (2014)

[4] Diverging dc conductivity due to a flat band in disordered pseudospin-1 Dirac-Weyl fermions
M. Vigh, L. Oroszlány, S. Vajna, P. San-Jose, G. Dávid, J. Cserti, B. Dóra
Phys. Rev. B 88, 161413(R) (2013)

[5] The final round of the first World Physics Olympiad held in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia: a sample of problems and solutions and student results
H. J. Kwee, O. Gunawan, Y. Surya, M. Vigh
European Journal of Physics Vol. 34, No. 4 (2013)