Roland Sipos

junior research associate

PhD (ELTE, 2016)

Atomfizikai Tanszék





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I currently participate in the development and maintenance of the CMS CondDB
Web Production related services and applications.

I actively participate in the development of a prototype framework to handle
conditions data on a backend agnostic way, that is accessible through a REST API.
The project is the continuation of the ATLAS-CMS agreement to handle conditions
on a unified way.

I also made the upgrade of the monitoring framework, that included the automation
and deployment of the Open Monitoring Distribution system that helps the safe and
sound operation of CondDB related workflows and the underlying machinery.

During my PhD research I investigated alternative data storage technologies for the CMS Conditions Database.
An extension was implemented for the CMS Software Framework\\\'s database
access layer to handle conditions data for MongoDB, Cassandra and RIAK
databases. This involved the implementation of a generic access mechanism to
support multiple database backends in C++. The solution is highly flexible and can
easily adapt to other storage elements. A payload chunking algorithm was also
implemented to reduce the overhead, caused by big payloads in some of the
NoSQL databases.

Automated deployment and monitoring of the prototype clusters on virtualized
infrastructures was one of the main aspect of the research. For this, I created a
collection of Puppet manifests to configure the VMs, and to deploy and populate the
distributed database clusters.

Implementation of an extension for a distributed performance testing framework
(JMeter) was also part of the project. The result is a Java package that supports
load testing for several relational, and non-relational databases.

The result of the work is a well detailed baseline performance comparison among
selected database candidates, simulating CMS related workloads.


Publications at MTMT

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