Biológiai Fizika Tanszék

Gábor Horváth

associate professor

PhD (Eötvös, 1994)
Habilitation (Eötvös, 2002)
Doctor of HAS (2005)

Biológiai Fizika Tanszék


Office: 3.69 (Környezetoptika Laboratórium)


Direct phone: +36-1-372-2765

Phone: +36-1-372-2500 / 6365


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Education, Scientific Degrees, Positions
1970-1977 primary education, Kiskunhalas
1977-1981 secondary education, Áron Szilády Secondary School, Kiskunhalas
1981-1982 military service
1982-1987 graduate studies in physics, Eötvös University, Budapest
1985-1987 undergraduate research assistant, Dept. Low Temperature Physics, Eötvös Univ.
1987 diploma in physics, Eötvös University
1987-1989 research assistant, Dept. Low Temperature Physics, Eötvös Univ.
1989-1991 Ph.D. student, Central Res. Inst. Physics, Hungarian Acad. Sci., Budapest
1991 Ph.D. in biophysics, summa cum laude, Eötvös University
1993-1997 research associate, assistant professor, associate professor, Eötvös University,
Department of Atomic Physics, Biophysics Group
1994 Candidate of Science in biophysics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1998- associate professor, Eötvös University, Department of Biological Physics
2002 habilitation, Eötvös University, Department of Biological Physics
2005 doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in biophysics

More Important Research Scholarships and Study Visits Abroad
1989-1991 doctoral fellowship, 24 months, Cent. Res. Inst. Phys., Hung. Acad. Sci.
1991-1992 Bavarian Ministry of Education (Munich), 12 months, Regensburg
1992-1993 István Széchenyi Scholarship Foundation (Budapest), 12 months, Tübingen
1995-1996 Hungarian Eötvös Scholarship Foundation, 9 months, Tübingen
1997-1998 Zoltán Magyary research fellowship, 12 months, Ministry of Education
1998-2001 János Bolyai research scholarship, 36 months, Hung. Acad. Sci.
2001-2002 Alexander von Humboldt research fellowship, 12 months, Tübingen
2001-2004 István Széchenyi fellowship, 36 months, Ministry of Education
2003 Alexander von Humboldt research fellowship, 2 months, Tübingen

More Important Honors and Awards
1987 2nd prize in physics, 2nd prize in biology, Hungarian Scientific Student Conference
1989, 1991 1st prize, young biophysics award, Hungarian Society for Biophysics
1993 Richard Bellman Prize, Mathematical Biosciences
1993 International Dennis Gabor Award, Novofer Foundation
2004 Ágoston Budó Prize in optics, Hungarian Eötvös Physical Society
2005 Young Bolyai Prize in optics, Ministry of Education
2008 International Palaeontological Award
2009 Researcher of the Month (January 2009), Hungarian Science Foundation

More Important Research Grants
1994-1997 grant OTKA F-012858, supervision
1995-1998 grant OTKA F-014923, supervision
1996-1999 grant OTKA T-020931, supervision
1998-2000 grant OTKA F-025826, supervision
2001-2005 grant OTKA T-034982, supervision
2004 Ministry of Education, text-book grant
2005 Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, equipment grant
2007-2011 grant OTKA K-6846
2009-2011 Eu-FP7 No. 232366, TabaNOid: Polarization horsefly traps

Membership in Journal Advisory Boards: Természet Világa (1998-), , Fizikai Szemle (2008-)

More Important Expeditions and Measuring Campaigns: 1996-2008: Tunisia (desert), Finland (Oulu, Sodankylä, Hailoutu), Switzerland (Rüti), Arctis (Beringia 2005 polar research expedition), Turkey (Side), Sweden (Lund)

2007 Polarization insect traps, especially horsefly traps (P-07-00104)
2009 Methods to reduce the polarized light pollution of artificial reflectors (P-6750R)


Selected publications of the last five years:

[1] Egri, Á.; Horváth, Á.; Kriska, G.; Horváth, G. (2010) Optics of sunlit water drops on leaves: Conditions under which sunburn is possible. New Phytologist 185: 979-987 + cover picture + online supplement

[2] Horváth, G.; Kriska, G.; Malik, P.; Robertson, B. (2009) Polarized light pollution: a new kind of ecological photopollution. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 7: 317-325

[3] Horváth, G.; Csapó, A.; Nyeste, A.; Gerics, B.; Csorba, G.; Kriska, G. (2009) Erroneous quadruped walking depictions in natural history museums. Current Biology 19: R61-R62 + online supplement

[4] Horváth G. (2009) Biomechanika: A mechanika biológiai alkalmazásai. Egyetemi tankönyv, 3. átdolgozott, bővített kiadás, 368 o., ELTE Eötvös Kiadó, Budapest

[5] Sipőcz, B.; Hegedüs, R., Kriska, G.; Horváth, G. (2008) Spatiotemporal change of sky polarization during the total solar eclipse on 29 March 2006 in Turkey: polarization patterns of the eclipsed sky observed by full-sky imaging polarimetry. Applied Optics 47 (issue 34): H1-H10

[6] Horváth, G.; Majer, J.; Horváth, L.; Szivák, I.; Kriska, G. (2008) Ventral polarization vision in tabanids: horseflies and deerflies (Diptera: Tabanidae) are attracted to horizontally polarized light. Naturwissenschaften 95: 1093-1100

[7] Horváth, G.; Kriska, G. (2008) Polarization vision in aquatic insects and ecological traps for polarotactic insects. In: Aquatic Insects: Challenges to Populations. (Lancaster, J. and Briers, R. A., eds.) CAB International Publishing, Wallingford, Oxon, UK, Chapter 11, pp. 204-229

[8] Hegedüs, R.; Åkesson, S.; Wehner, R.; Horváth, G. (2007) Could Vikings have navigated under foggy and cloudy conditions by skylight polarization? On the atmospheric optical prerequisites of polarimetric Viking navigation under foggy and cloudy skies. Proceedings of the Royal Society A 463: 1081-1095

[9] Clarkson, E.; Levi-Setti, R.; Horváth, G. (2006) The eyes of trilobites: The oldest preserved visual system. Arthropod Structure and Development 35: 247-259 (International Palaeontological Best Paper Award, Spanish Palaeontological Society)

[10] Kriska, G.; Csabai, Z.; Boda, P.; Malik, P.; Horváth, G. (2006) Why do red and dark-coloured cars lure aquatic insects? The attraction of water insects to car paintwork explained by reflection-polarization signals. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 273: 1667-1671