Biológiai Fizika Tanszék

Géza Meszéna

full professor

PhD (MTA, 1994)
Habilitation (Eötvös, 2006)
Doctor of HAS (2007)

Biológiai Fizika Tanszék


Office: 3.79


Direct phone: +36-1-372-2786

Phone: +36-1-372-2500 / 6326

Mobile phone: +36-20-973-9204


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1 Education and degrees
Secondary school: Berzsenyi Gymnasium, mathematics specialisation, Budapest, 1970-74
International Olimpiad of Physics, Warsaw, Poland, 1974: 1st prize
Master: Eötvös University, physics/biophysics Budapest, 1980
Doctor of University: Eötvös University, Budapest, 1986
Candidat/PhD: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1994
Habilitation: Eötvös University, Budapest, 2006
Doctor of Academy (DSc): Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2007

2 Positions
Central Research Institute of Physics, Budapest
doctoral student, 1980
Dept. Atomic Physics, Eötvös University Budapest
doctoral student, 1980-1984
teaching assistant, 1984-87
Assistant Professor, 1987-98
Dept. Biological Physics, Eötvös University, Budapest
Associate Professor 1998-2016
Full Professor 2016-
Széchenyi Professorship 1999-2002
Collegium Budapest – Institute for Advanced Studies
Associate Fellow 2000-2001
Széchenyi Fellowship 2003-2006

2 Teaching
Physics, biophysics and evolutionary biology courses to students of physics and biology
Supervised Master degrees: 5
Supervised PhD degrees: 4

3 Fields of research
-Theoretical ecology
-Adaptive dynamics, speciation theory

4 Publication statistics
Book in English 1
Refereed English papers: 46
Refereed English book chapters: 7
Independent citations: 2210

5 International grants
„ Adaptive Dynamics: the mathematical link between population dynamics and evolution”
(co-operation grant of the Hungarian and the Dutch science foundations)
107 kNFL for 1994-96, 50 kNFL for 1997-99 and 70 kNFL for 2000-2002
(Dutch coordinators: Profs. J.A.J. Metz and O. Diekmann)

6 Workshops organised
A series of 7 workshops on Adaptive Dynamics was organised in Hungary.

7 Committee and refereeing
Steering Committee: ESF Research Networking Programme „Frontiers of Speciation Research”
Grant refereeing: European Research Council
Journal refereeing: Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, Journal of Mathematical Biology, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Theoretical Population Biology, Evolution, Journal of Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology Research, Proceedings of the Royal Society

8 Membership
European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology


Publications at MTMT

Selected publications of the last five years:

[1] Liz Pásztor, Zoltán Botta-Dukát, Tamás Czárán, Gabriella Magyar & Géza Meszéna: Theory Based Ecology: a Darwinian approach (in production, Oxford University Press, 2016

[2] G. Barabás, L. Pásztor, G. Meszéna & A. Ostling: Sensitivity analysis of coexistence in ecological communities: theory and application. Ecology Letters 17(12): 1479-1494 (2014)

[3] G. Barabás, R. D’Andrea, G. Meszéna & A. Ostling: Emergent neutrality or hidden niches? Oikos 122(11):1565-1572 (2013)

[4] G. Barabás, S. Pigolotti, M. Gyllenberg, U. Dieckmann & G. Meszéna: Continuous coexistence or discrete species? A new review of an old question. Evolutionary Ecology Research 14: 523-554 (2012)

[5] G. Barabás, G. Meszéna & A. Ostling: Community robustness and limiting similarity in periodic environments. Theoretical Ecology 5: 265-282 (2012)