Komplex Rendszerek Fizikája Tanszék

József Stéger

junior associate professor

Komplex Rendszerek Fizikája Tanszék


Office: 5.67


Phone: +36-1-372-2500 / 6570

Mobile phone: +36-30-576-3372


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Selected publications of the last five years:

[1] J. Stéger, P. Vaderna, G. Vattay:
Propagation of Congestion Waves in the Internet
Physica A, January 2006: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Vol.359, p784-792 (2006)
(DOI information: 10.1016/j.physa.2005.04.033)

[2] G. Simon, J. Stéger, P. Hága, I. Csabai, G. Vattay:
Measuring the Dynamical State of the Internet: Large Scale Network Tomography via the ETOMIC Infrastructure
Complexus 2005 (2005)
(DOI information 10.1159/000094194)

[3] G. Vattay, K. Diriczi, A. Fekete, L. Kocarev, M. Maródi, J. Stéger:
Statistical Properties of Chaos in Communication Networks
Complex Dynamics in Communication Networks, Springer: Understanding Complex Systems, p49-68. (2005)
(DOI information: 10.1007/10973509_3)

[4] T. Rizzo, J. Stéger, I. Csabai, G. Vattay, P Pollner:
High Quality Queueing Information from Accelerated Active Network Tomography
Tridentcom (2008)

[5] P. Mátray and I. Csabai and P. Hága and J. Stéger and L. Dobos and G. Vattay:
Building a Prototype for Network Measurement Virtual Observatory
ACM SIGMETRICS - MineNet (2007)

[6] P. Hága and S. Laki and F. Tóth and I. Csabai and J. Stéger and G. Vattay:
Neural Network Based Available Bandwidth Estimation in the ETOMIC Infrastructure
Tridentcom (2007)

[7] D. Morato, E. Magana, M. Izal, J. Aracil, F. Naranjo, F. Astiz, U. Alonso, I. Csabai, P. Haga, G. Simon, J. Steger and G. Vattay:
ETOMIC: A testbed for universal active and passive measurements
Tridentcom, p283-289, 23-25 February 2005, Trento, Italy (2005)