Komplex Rendszerek Fizikája Tanszék

István Csabai

full professor

PhD (ELTE, 1992)
Habilitation (ELTE, 2003)
Doctor of HAS (2008)

Komplex Rendszerek Fizikája Tanszék


Office: 5.102


Direct phone: +36-1-372-2826

Phone: +36-1-372-2500 / 6576


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- 2009 Professor of Physics, Eotvos University
- 2008 Doctor of Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
- 2003. Habilitation, Eötvös University
- 1992. PhD degree with grade "summa cum laude" (excellent) in physics, at Eötvös University, Budapest. The title of the thesis is "Investigation and application of neural network models".
- 1989. Physics and biophysics diploma in the Eötvös University (1984-1989).
- Language: Hungarian (native), English (executive level)

- 2000-2003 Szechenyi Professor Award
- 2006 Detre Award of Eotvos Physical Society

- 2010-2011: Sabbatical at The Johns Hopkins University
- 1998- Associate professor at the Dept. of Physics of Complex Systems, Eötvös University
- 1997 Organization of the first International Workshop on Econophysics, Budapest.
- 1992-1998 Assistant lecturer at Department of Atomic Physics of the Eötvös University and since - 1993-2001 senior staff member of Bolyai College.
- 1989-1992 PhD student, with duties of exercises in statistical physics, quantum mechanics, probability theory. Research of theory and application of neural network models

- Datamining, statistical analysis of massive amount of data
- Estimation of photometric redshift from broadband galaxy colors, large scale structure of the Universe
- Developing large complex scientific database systems using methods of modern computer science, Virtual Observatories
- Study of complex systems and complex networks
- Computer network traffic measurement and modeling

- 11 PhD students,
- 12 Master students

- ISI highly cited, H-index: 67
- 116 papers in international refereed journals
- over 20000 citations according to ISI Citation index, over 6000 independent citations
- cumulative impact factor: over 500

- MAGPOP - EU FP6 Research and Training Network, Local Coordinator, Galaxy Evolution
- EVERGROW - EU FP6 IST, FP7: MOMENT, ONELAB2, CoI, The Future of the Internet
- OTKA - Hungarian Science Foundation, PI, Photometric redshifts and astronomical databases
- Computational tools for advancing science - Microsoft Research, PI
- RET, NAP, HeHok – National Office for Research and Technology, CoI, Complex Networks
- Polanyi - National Office for Research and Technology, CoI, Extragalactic astronomy, Virtual Observatories


Publications at MTMT

Publications in ADS

Selected publications of the last five years:

[1] Csabai, I.; Dobos, L.; Trencséni, M.; Herczegh, G.; Józsa, P.; Purger, N.; Budavári, T.; Szalay, A. S.: Multidimensional indexing tools for the virtual observatory, Astronomische Nachrichten, Vol.328, Issue 8, p.852, 2007

[2] P. Matray, I. Csabai, P. Haga, J. Steger, L. Dobos and G.Vattay: Building a prototype for network measurement virtual observatory, Proceedings of the 3rd annual ACM workshop on Mining network data, SIGMETRICS Special Interest Group, 2007

[3] Adelman Mccarthy J K and the SDSS collaboration including I. Csabai: The Fourth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, ASTROPHYS J SUPPL S 162: 38-48, 2006

[4] Bouche N, Murphy MT, Peroux C, Csabai I, Wild V: New perspectives on strong z similar or equal to 0.5 Mg II absorbers: are halo mass and equivalent width anticorrelated?, MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Volume: 371 Issue: 1 Pages: 495-512, 2006

[5] Kerekes, G; Budavári, T; Csabai, I; Connolly, A.J.; Szalay, A.S.: Cross Identification of Stars with Unknown Proper Motions, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 719, Issue 1, pp. 59-66 (2010).

[6] Yip, Ching-Wa; Szalay, A.S.; Wyse, R.F.G.; Dobos, L; Budavári, T; Csabai, I.: Extinction in Star-forming Disk Galaxies from Inclination-dependent Composite Spectra, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 709, Issue 2, pp. 780-790 (2010)

[7] Abazajian, K.N. and the SDSS collaboration including I. Csabai: The Seventh Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, The Astrophysical Journal Supplement, Volume 182, Issue 2, pp. 543-558 (2009).

[8] Laki S, Matray P, Haga P, Csabai I, Vattay G..: A model based approach for improving router geolocation, COMPUTER NETWORKS Volume: 54 Issue: 9 Pages: 1490-1501 (2010)

[9] Haga P, Csabai I, Vattay G: Inferring the background traffic arrival process in the Internet, PHYSICAL REVIEW E Volume: 80 Issue: 6 (2009)

[10] Dobos, L.; Csabai, I.; Budavári, T.; Szalay, A. S.: Building a Database from the SDSS Imaging Data, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVIII ASP Conference Series, Vol. 411 (2009)