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Szaniszló Bérczi

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PhD (MTA, 1994)

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Curriculum Vitae - (Szaniszló Bérczi, Ph.D., assoc. prof.)

Personal informations:
Date and place of birth: 27th August, 1950. Szeged (H)
Home address: H-1072 Budapest, Király u. 53. Hungary
Office address: H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány P. s. 1/a.
Tel: 36-1-372-2986, Fax: 36-1-372-2811.
Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science, Institute of Physics

Date Institution Degree, Topic

1969-1975 József A. Univ. Szeged, and
Eötvös L. Univ. Budapest: M.Sc. Physics and Astronomy
1986-1988 Eötvös L. Univ. Budapest: Dr. Univ. Mathematics
1992-1995 Hung. Academy of Science: Ph.D. Earth Sci. (Planetology)

Working places: Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science:

Date Department Position

1975-1978 Dept. Astronomy junior assistant res. f.
1978-1979 Dept. Petrology, Geochemistry, prof.'s assistant
1979-1988 Dept. Technology prof.'s assistant
1988-1993 Dept. Technology assistant professor
1994-1995 Dept. Astronomy assistant professor
1996-1997 Dept. Petrol., Dean's Office, assistant professor
1998-1999 Dept. Technology associate professor
2000-2006 Dept. G. Physics associate professor
2006- Dept. Materials Physics associate professor

Main publications: Book: From Crystals to Planetary Bodies, Academic Press, 1991.
Lecture Note Series (4 books: Planetology, 1978., Material systems, 1985., Symmetry and Structure, 1990., Technologies, 1992.,) Summary: 350 publications (90 journal papers, 45 books, chapters of books, or volume edit., 4 films, 350 conf. papers, etc.)

Lecturing: Systems of Materials and Technologies,
Planetology and Cosmopetrography,
Symmetry and Cellular Automata,
Meteorites and Lunar Samples (special course)

Actual research field: thermal history of planetary bodies through the studies of their fragments of meteorites and space reasearch samples.
Studies with the Hunveyor and Husar educational space probe models in terrestrial environments.

Membership: Hungarian Academy of Science: Geonomy Scientific Committee (since 1986), Matter Evolution Subcommittee (bw: 1989-1999), Hungarian Astronautical Society (since 1975). Organizer of the Cosmic Materials Space Research Group (Hungarian Space Office sci. teams, since 1993).

Budapest, August, 11, 2010,.


Publications in NASA ADS

Selected publications of the last five years:

[1] András Horváth, Ákos Kereszturi, Szaniszló Bérczi, András Sik, Tamás Pócs, Tibor Gánti & Eörs Szathmáry (2009): Analysis of dark albedo features on a Southern Polar dune fields of Mars. Astrobiology, January/February 2009, 9(1): pp. 90-103. doi:10.1089/ast.2007.0212.

[2] Kereszturi A., Möhlmann, D., Berczi Sz., Ganti T., Kuti A., Sik A., Horvath A. (2009): Recent rheologic processes on dark polar dunes of Mars: Driven by interfacial water? Icarus, 201, Issue 2, June 2009, Pages 492-503; doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2009.01.014

[3] Sz. Bérczi (2009): New Curie-type and Coxeter-type Composite and colored Plane Symmetry Patterns in the Ancient Arts of Eurasia. Symmetry: Culture and Science, 20. No. 1-4. p. 161-176. (ISSN 0865 4824)

[4] Kereszturi A., Möhlmann, D., Berczi Sz., Ganti T., Horvath A., Kuti A., Sik A., Szathmary (2010): Indications of brine related local seepage phenomena on the northern hemisphere of Mars. Icarus, 207, Issue 1, May 2010, Pages 149-164; doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2009.10.012.

[5] Szaniszló Bérczi, Tivadar Földi, Péter Gadányi, Arnold Gucsik, Henrik Hargitai, Sándor Hegyi, György Hudoba, Sándor Józsa, Ákos Kereszturi, János Rakonczai, András Sik, György Szakmány, Kálmán Török (2005): Concise Atlas on the Solar System (9): Planetary Analog Studies and Simulations: Materials, Terrains, Morphologies, Processes. (Szaniszló Bérczi, editor) ELTE TTK Kozmikus Anyagokat Vizsgáló Űrkutató Csoport, UNICONSTANT, Budapest-Püspökladány (ISBN 963 00 6314 XÖ, 963 86873 2 0)

[6] Szathmáry, E., Gánti, T., Pócs, T., Horváth, A., Kereszturi, Á., Bérczi, Sz., Sik, A. (2007): Life in the Dark Dune Spots of Mars: a testable hypothesis. Chapter 13. in: Planetary Systems and the Origins of Life. R. Pudritz, P. Higgs, J. Stone, Eds. Cambridge Astrobiology, Cambridge University Press. 241-262. old.

[7] Gyollai I., Nagy Sz., Fürj J., Bérczi Sz., Gucsik, A., and Veres M. (2009): Petrographic and Micro-Raman Study of Thermal and Shock Metamorphism in Mezőmadaras, Knyahinya and Mócs L-Chondrites. MICRO-RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY AND LUMINESCENCE STUDIES IN THE EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCES: Proceedings of the International Conference Spectroscopy, Mainz (Germany), 2–4 April 2009. AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 1163. (Editor: Arnold Gucsik). pp. 75-85. (ISBN: 978-0-7354-0700-8)

[8] Gucsik, A., Bérczi Sz., Okumura, T., Nishido, H., Ninagawa, K., Nagy Sz. (2009): Scanning Electron Microscope-Cathodoluminescence Properties of Fayalite and Forsterite from Kaba CV3 Chondrite: Application to Mineralogy of IDPs. MICRO-RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY AND LUMINESCENCE STUDIES IN THE EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCES: Proceedings of the International Conference Spectroscopy, Mainz (Germany), 2–4 April 2009. AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 1163. (Editor: Arnold Gucsik). pp. 168-174. (ISBN: 978-0-7354-0700-8)

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