The Ph.D. School


Since 1993 the Faculty of Science runs programs for Ph.D. degree in all branches of natural sciences. All programs are approved by the National Accreditation Board. The Ph.D. programs run parallel to those taught at the undergraduate level. The duration of studies is 3 years. During this period organized courses are given and the term ends with a final examination and submission of a thesis, written on the special topics of the student.

In the past three years about 580 postgraduate students took part in the Ph.D. training, one-third of them as full-time fellowship holders. The high scientific standard of the Ph.D. training is guaranteed by 30 Members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 108 Doctors of Science as well as 340 other Ph.D. holders taking part in the program as lecturers, supervisors or program/subprogram leaders. Many internationally acknowledged scientists and experts participate in the work of the Ph.D. School as lecturers of short courses and seminars.

The Ph.D. training is open to foreign students who have an M.Sc. or equivalent degree or diploma. Most programs provide courses and supervision in English. Applications should be submitted to the Office of Ph.D. Training (in the Office of Scientific and International Affairs) with documents on previous studies, plan of research, etc. Previous consultation with the program leader is recommended.

The tuition fee is 3500 EUR per semester.

Further information can be obtained from the website of the Ph.D. School, or from the Scientific Secretary of the Ph.D. School of the Faculty of Science via mail or phone: +36-1 372-2695.

Ph.D. School of Physics


Director: Prof. Ferenc Csikor




Program Director: Prof. János Lendvai 



Program Director: Prof. Ferenc Csikor



Program Director: Prof. Jenő Kürti